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05 Tips to Improve Your Interview Performance – Part-1

05 Tips to Improve Your Interview Performance

However experienced a person may be, he cannot claim to be fully prepared for an interview because every interview is a complete different experience. Remember, you don’t get a second chance to impress the interviewer. Your performance during an interview depends upon many factors some of which may be beyond your control but there are few that you can control.

Dress to Impress

There is an old saying in Hindi “Jo Dikhta Hai Woh Bikta Hai”. Your attire gives the interviewers the first peek into your personality. No matter what is the prevailing dress code at the organisation, formals is the safest dress that you can wear to an interview. If possible, you can call and talk to the contact person at the organization before the interview to find out about the dress code. Be well-groomed and presentable. Don’t let your appearance affect the interviewer’s perception of you.

Focus on Your Non-Verbal Communication

Each moment, unknowingly you convey many cues about your personality through your body gestures and postures. The interviewers are trained in picking up and drawing out conclusions from these non-verbal cues. Some practice in controlling your body language can go a long way in conveying the right message to the interviewers. ‘Confidence’ is the key attribute that can be made evident through positive body languages such as standing/sitting straight, proper eye contact, and a firm handshake with the interviewers.

Listen Carefully

Listening is part of good communication skills. Never rush to your answer, let the interviewer complete her/his question, and then only speak. A good listener is always appreciated by recruiters because it conveys his sincerity and seriousness towards the particular task. A good listener is always alert and focused which helps her/him to understand the question better and gives that fraction of more time to prepare a better and convincing answer.

Be Thoughtful and Pleasant

A pleasing personality is liked by everyone as that is the sign of adaptability, openness, and networking ability of a person. Show your thoughtful side to the interviewer and always try to find a solution to the problem. Give them genuine smile whenever required for they can filter out the fake.

Answer Carefully, Choose Appropriate Words & Phrases

Be very careful of what you utter during the interview for the words once spoken cannot be taken back. Command over language is part and parcel of good communication skills and your choice of words and phrases displays your mastery over it. You should always use professional language and never be casual in your conversation, whatever the situation may be. Use of slang is strictly out of bounds and avoid extreme opinion on sensitive subjects such as race, religion, politics, gender and sexual orientation.

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