IBPS PO Interview Questions

Interview Experience IBPS-PO 250222


(PSBs – Probationary Officers Interview)


NAME: Rxxxxxxx Rxxxxx
GRADUATION: B. Tech (Civil Engineering)
HOMETOWN: Patna, Bihar


Interview Questions asked during the interview of IBPS-PO:

  • When did you complete your graduation?
  • What were you doing after that?
  • Name some famous female personalities along with their designations.
    • In the banking industry
    • In Politics
    • In Bollywood
  • What is the name of the younger son of Kareena Kapoor?
  • Who was Indira Gandhi?
    • Who was her father?
    • Name of her children.
    • Name of her grandchildren.
    • Name of her husband.
  • When was Navodaya Vidyalaya established? Who was the PM of India then?
  • What documents are required to open a bank account?
    • What is the process known as?
    • What is the full form of KYC?
  • What is Inflation?
  • What is your father’s occupation?
  • What is plastic money? Examples?
  • What are the differences between Debit Card and Credit Card?


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