IBPS PO Interview Questions

Bank PO – Interview Questions for Computer Science Graduates

Bank PO: Interview Questions for Computer Science Graduates

UG – BCA / B.Tech (IT / E&C / CS)


In modern banking, information technology (IT) plays an important role in day to day operations. Therefore a candidate having basic understanding and experience of IT is always an added advantage. Generally banks do not have any educational eligibility restriction for hiring a generalist officer and therefore many engineers too are applying for Bank PO jobs. When the interviewers encounter an engineer or IT graduates during an interview, it’s but natural that they tend to ask basic questions about IT and computer. We have listed here some of the most frequently asked questions based on interview experiences shared by our students.

Interview questions (IT and Computer):

  • What is a Computer?
  • Name the components of a computer.
  • What is CPU? ALU?
  • What is RAM? ROM? Hard Disk?
  • What is an Input Device? Examples?
  • What is an Output Device? Examples?
  • What is a Semiconductor?
  • What is Moore’s Law?
  • What is a modem? Router? Switch?
  • What is hacking?
  • What is Phishing?
  • What is Ransomware?
  • What is a Virus? Full form of VIRUS?
  • What is a firewall?
  • What is software? Hardware? Firmware?
  • What is LAN?
  • What is IP Address?
  • What is Protocol?
  • How can a bank secure its IT Network?
  • What is C Programming? C++? Java? PHP? SQL?
  • What is Object Oriented Programming Language (OOP)?
  • Why Bank PO, why not Specialist Officer?
  • How Information System does helps Banking Sector or Businesses?
  • Why not a career in IT / Computers when the sector is booming?
  • What will happen to the data of customers if the branch is completely burnt in a fire?
  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • What is an Operating System? Name four different Operating System.
  • What is Android?
  • What is broadband?
  • What is internet? What is www?
  • What is HTTPS? What does ‘s’ stand for?
  • How will you secure the computer network and data of the bank?
  • What is 4G? 5G?
  • How is 5G different from 4G?
  • What is VoIP? What is VOLTe?
  • What is CBS?
  • What is VLSI?

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