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Interview Questions for Engineering Graduates

Bank PO Interview Questions for Engineering Graduates


For last few years engineers have been cracking IBPS / RRB / SBI and other Public Sector Bank exams in large numbers. There are various reasons for this surge, the primary being – increased dependence of Banking on technology which has led to favourable conditions for engineers even for generalist officers’ job.  The other reasons are:

  • More and more engineering graduates are being attracted towards lucrative Banking career
  • Engineers are more likely to score higher in Quantitative and Logical Reasoning sections of MCQ exams.

Although engineers do get a competitive edge in written exam, the personal interview of Bank PO is a different ball game altogether. Engineers are typically asked a certain set of questions that are completely different from graduates of other streams. These interview questions consist of personal question related to engineering background and technical questions related to their specific stream.

We have listed here Bank PO Interview questions that are generally put to the engineering graduates. This list consists of actual questions that have been previously asked in interviews and shared by our students who had appeared in personal interviews of public sector banks.

Interview Question (for Engineering Graduates):

  • Why do you want to join banking sector after studying engineering?
  • You are a XXXXXX engineer, how would you use your engineering knowledge in bank?
  • Why don’t you apply for a specialist officer’s job in the bank?
  • What were you doing after completing your engineering?
  • Why didn’t you join private sector?
  • Don’t you think that you will be wasting your technical study by joining a bank?
  • General / common / specific questions regarding the stream? Civil. Mechanical. Electrical. Electronics. IT. Etc.

It is very common for interviewers to ask questions related to computer / IT, even if an engineer is not from that specific stream.

The most common computer / IT questions asked to an engineer are:

  • What is a computer?
  • What is hardware?
  • What is software?
  • What is an App?
  • Why is an Operating System?
  • What is CBS?
  • What is VLSI?
  • What is a Virus? Full form of VIRUS?
  • How would you protect computer from viruses?
  • What is phishing?
  • What is hacking?
  • How can you prevent cyber theft?
  • What is AI? How can banks use AI?


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