Communcation Skills


Course Overview

Good Communication Skills have always been considered an essential component of professional success. Career of many people have stalled, faltered or even fallen apart due to poor communication skills. A person may face many problems in personal and social life too due to poor communication. There are many factors that influences a person’s communication skills, such as:

  • School & Social Environment
  • Upbringing in Family
  • Personality

The best thing about Communication Skills is that it can be learned through experience and practice.

The “Communication Skills Program” designed by SimplifyCareer is for the people who want to hone their communication skills and improve their performance at work and in personal life.

Program Objectives

  • Understand why good communication skills are important
  • Learn different models and methods of communication
  • Define verbal and non verbal communication
  • Differentiate between

Program Outline:

  • Module 1: LISTENING – A person should be an active listener, listening with comprehension and understanding.
  • Module 2: SPEAKING – Speak clearly with efficiency and success in delivering the message. Assess general non-verbal behaviours and respond effectively.
  • Module 3: WRITING – A person should be able to draft and write in a language that is professional and easy to understand.
  • Module 4: INTERPRETING – An effective reply or response cannot be formed if interpretation of information is wrong or incomplete. Students will learn to interpret written / verbal / non verbal information and respond suitably.